Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Second Annual Belfast Anarchist Bookfair

Welcome to the Blogspot of the Second Belfast Anarchist Bookfair, this years event has been co-ordinated by Organise! the Irish class struggle anarchist group, and we hope this years event will build on the success of the previous bookfair.

The itinerary is just on the right of the blog and we hope that this years discussions will prove informative, enjoyable and be of some use for ongoing and future organising.

With people coming from near and far we are a bit pushed in terms of what we can offer by way of accommodation. Obviously we will be putting up people involved in giving talks as a priority but we might have some floor space available to traveling comrades. For further information email

Stalls confirmed so far:

Anarchist Federation
Belfast Anarchist Black Cross
Choice Ireland
Just Books Collective
Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group
Solidarity Federation-IWA
We Won't Pay Campaign
Workers Solidarity Movement


Andre said...


I have reposted your event on in the direct action section.

Peace and anarchy
madhatterz -

Belfast Anarchist Bookfair said...

Cheers for that Andre